Dubai Design Week

Jan 22nd, 2016

Back in October I went out to Dubai to join L’Eclisse Films to help create digital content for Dubai Design Week. This was my first time in Dubai and was completely overwhelmed by how quickly the city was developing. Everywhere you look there is building work going on and development of some of the most ambitious architectural projects. The best way to summarise the ambition of the city is the Purge Khalifa the tallest building in the world. They have built this amazing building in such a way that if anyone was to build a taller building they can still build on top of it… that is mad!
This city is expanding so quickly that even Google maps is finding it hard to catch up with it. So after a few very long cab rides trying to describe how to get to a place that had not even been on the map a couple of month ago, I made my way to Dubai Design District to check out the preparations that were in place to bring the Dubai Design Week to life. There was a lot of people still hard at work in the sweltering heat putting the finishing touches in place. The diversity of the event was extraordinary from commercial, installations and designs from the future generation of pupils from leading schools across the world. The event had everything you could wish to see if you are interested in design.
One of the stand out installations for myself was an installation called ‘Love Project’ which created 3D printed mendalars from electronic impulses that come from the human body when reminiscing about a love story.
The event lasted six days. Here was the overview film that I put together providing a brief overview of the events at Dubai Design Week:

In preparation for the show I was asked to make a quick promotional film for the Global Grad Show. With just 24 hours before the launch of the event and with the location still being prepped and painted. I interviewed the curator of the global grad show and put this short piece together:

Dubai Design Week is an annual event and because of the huge success of this event next years will definitely be bigger. To check out more details on the event go to their website: