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I'm Chris Dart. A freelance Director, Videographer, Photographer based in London.
I had the pleasure recently of meeting up with James Smith to help with the branding of his company ‘James Smith Performance’. James specialises in help athletes and us everyday people reach their maximum potential, providing the ultimate personal training service covering everything from the training to nutrition. After sitting down with James to discuss his business and what he is looking for we decided to go with something that is simple but powerful. We spent time bouncing ideas off each other and we soon had the follow design in place: This is what James had to say about working with me: “I was after a professional logo that I would be proud to show off. I was given Chris’ number by a friend and what a good contact I gained. Chris isn’t in it to make a quick logo and take your cash, he sees every logo he creates as a work of art, allowing many chances and alterations. Incredibly reliable, efficient and without a doubt professional.” James Smith (James Smith Performance) Follow James on Instagram: @JSPERSONALTRAINING If you are looking for someone to help brand your company then get in touch with me. I would love to hear […] Read More
Recently I had the pleasure of working with Jack Wayne to help brand and take photos for his new personal training business ‘Jack Wayne Fitness’. Our paths met when he became the drummer for ‘The Howling’. As the band completed their debut album and were sadly forced to take a break Jack focused his attention on health and fitness and eventually decided that becoming a personal trainer is what he wanted to do. Having worked closely on projects for years Jack asked me if I’d be interested in helping him design, brand and do the photography for his company. This challenge really excited me. So after some discussions to find out what Jack was looking for I came up with some designs for his logos and we organised a photoshoot for some promotional shots. Below is the final logo and branding design:   For the photoshoot we went to some of Jack’s local gyms that he works with some of his clients at. Here are some of my favorite shots from the shoot:   I really enjoyed working with Jack and he was really pleased with the designs and photos. Here is what he had to say about working with […] Read More