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I'm Chris Dart. A freelance Director, Videographer, Photographer based in London.
The other weekend I met up with an actress called Blanche Anderson to make a short scene for her acting portfolio. The scene we decided to do was about a young inexperienced police detective (Blanche) who has to give the tragic news to a lady that her daughter has committed suicide in prison:   It was a really nice short piece to shoot, an emotional piece that was really well acted. Here is what Blanche said about working with myself:   “I worked with Chris recently on a intense and emotional scene. He was a pleasure to work with – relaxed, reliable and professional. The equipment he used was very high quality and I am very pleased with the finished product. Chris is passionate about what he does and it is evident from his work. Thanks again Chris for going the extra mile.” Blanche Anderson   If you would like to work with Blanche on future projects she is represented by Pulse Artist Management: www.pulseartistmanagement.com     Read More
When Against The Current arrived in the UK on their Gravity World Tour, I got in contact with my friend Joe Brady who had been working with the band. We chatted about the tour and he mentioned that there was the possibility of them shooting a live video in London. He asked if I would be interested in being one of the camera operators to help promote the band’s up-and-coming release ‘Outsiders’. I was definitely interested and extremely excited about the possibility of being involved as I had started listening to ATC sometime ago and had them pinned for big things. Chrissy Costanza already being a star in her own right I knew that there was going to be a lot of hype around the band. However it wasn’t till after speaking to Joe and seeing his photos of his journey with the band I realised just how huge they were across the globe not just in the US. This is a band that has yet to release their debut album and are already doing a headline World Tour which they are selling out… crazy!   So as the London date was approaching it was confirmed that we would be […] Read More
Back in October I went out to Dubai to join L’Eclisse Films to help create digital content for Dubai Design Week. This was my first time in Dubai and was completely overwhelmed by how quickly the city was developing. Everywhere you look there is building work going on and development of some of the most ambitious architectural projects. The best way to summarise the ambition of the city is the Purge Khalifa the tallest building in the world. They have built this amazing building in such a way that if anyone was to build a taller building they can still build on top of it… that is mad!   This city is expanding so quickly that even Google maps is finding it hard to catch up with it. So after a few very long cab rides trying to describe how to get to a place that had not even been on the map a couple of month ago, I made my way to Dubai Design District to check out the preparations that were in place to bring the Dubai Design Week to life. There was a lot of people still hard at work in the sweltering heat putting the finishing […] Read More